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I know that the first and the most important things when choosing new headphones is not the look, the appearance, the color or what is most fashionable or any other such thing. There are many much more important things. These things depend also on what purpose and where you are going to use your headphones. For music lovers, it is important to be able to listen to music without any disturbing noises and that the sound is original and genuine and many other things depending also on what type of music they are listening, where, when, etc. If you are using headphones while jogging, there are qualities that become important. If you need also a microphone on your headphones, you need to take that into account. so-called around-the-ear headphones and on-ear headphones. In addition, you can also choose those tiny earplugs. The choice is yours and there is a huge range of products for you to choose.

In this lens, I am going to concentrate only on the outlook of headphones and earplugs. I know that that is not the most important thing, but there are so many new, modern, fashionable headphones and earplugs with bright colors and fresh designs on the market that the outlook is today also a decisive and crucial factor for many of us.

I've been able to include in this lens only some of the colorful and stylish headphones and earphones on the market. It seems that there are so many that one lens cannot cover them all. I noticed that many really good looking headphones, headsets and earphones are not yet included here. Furthermore, you don't need just to find exactly the right color you like. There are many products on the market that allow you to change different parts of the headphones or earplugs to make your own color combination.

One good example to show this are the designers StanleyNg and Wai Chiu from Hong Kong. They have created an application you can use on their website and customize your headphones with a unique look to express your personality or match with your dress or mood.

Another example is Sol Republic. They also use different colors on their headphones. The trick is that you can customize your headphones by choosing different colors for headbands, cables and sound engines in your headphones. There are many brilliant colors to choose. There is a wide range of colorful headphones for you choose, but making your own design is much more. In addition to Yankodesign, which I mentioned earlier, also Skullcandy has on their website an application that allows you to customize your own headphones. There are five colors to choose for headbands, four to frames, fourteen (14) for caps and ten (10) for cords. Unfortunately, there's only one model that can be really customized, Aviator. But fortunately for Skullcandy, they hav a huge selection of other colored, good looking headphones.

SOL Republic, high quality producer, has also a product line for customized headphones. The headbands in different colors are interchangeable. The ear cups can be of the same color as the headband or of a different color. In additions to all high quality factors attached to SOL Republic headphones, customizing makes them even more stylish and fashionable than before. You can choose among 14 different colors for headband, headband logo, disc, disc logo, spacer and ear cup. Furthermore, you can choose a gloss, metallic or solid color.

The picture above is not meant to show how stylish the headphones can be. Instead I just tried to put different colors and show exactly which parts can be "colored" separately. To make it more understandable, I added a video (below) from SOL Republic.

Picture: made by Sol Republic's customizing application

These colorful, stylish Beats Solo HD headphones are by Dr. Dre. They are also the only Beats headphones that come in various bright colors. In other Beats headphones, there is a choice to have the logo in different colors and some other small things. But the truth is, that for this lens of colorful headphones, I accepted only the Solo Headphones. Beats headphones are quality headphones. There are even two speakers within both, right and left, cans. This improves a lot both the high and the low sounds. The material used for these headphones is flexible and durable, reinforced with metal strips. With these headphones you can also switch from listening to music to take an incoming call, and visa versa.

Children use headphones nowadays in many occasions. On the road trips and on vacations they many times save the day. Children also play video games sol republic tracks hd wearing headphones while playing. Most headphones are designed for adults. There are many reasons, why these are not good for children. The first thing that comes to mind is the size. Headphones meant for adult don't fit the kids' ears. Some headphones are quite heavy and are not comfortable to wear. One of the most important things is, however, that the headphones are not harmful for children's ears. The volume levels, especially in the low volumes, should be moderate.

Taking into account these important factors when choosing headphones for children you can also play with colors. For example Sony and Philips has some colorful headphones designed especially for children.

Its not easy choosing the best headphones 2012 - 2013, because basically sol republic they are all pretty incredible. The latest headphones that are on the market today,.

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